How to tempt the girlfriend's guy

How to tempt the girlfriend's guy

Female friendship - the phenomenon which causes a set of a controversy over an occasion of the existence. Some girls not only are not able to be on friendly terms, but also are capable to tempt the guy of the girlfriend.

Whether it is necessary to tempt the guy of the girlfriend

If you very much like the young man of your girlfriend, first of all think of what he will lead seducing to. For certain your friend learns that her young man betrayed her together with you. Such act not only will cause to the girl mad pain that it was betrayed by the loved one and the beloved, but also will destroy your friendship at once. Most likely, if you take away darling at the girlfriend, you will acquire to yourself the enemy in her face. If it does not stop you and desire of proximity forces to take the risk, can act.

What to make to tempt the girlfriend's guy

Having decided to tempt the young man of the close girlfriend, at first you have to pay attention to their relations. As you are on friendly terms with this girl, you are for certain let into their secrets, problems and secrets. Most likely, you know that does not suit the man in his soulmate that he loves and that, on the contrary, irritates him. Try that during your joint rest, the guy saw that you always look attractively, behave adequately and have those merits which are absent in his girl. It has to be adjusted subconsciously on the fact that you it is more nice and better, than your girlfriend.

Choose a right moment when in the relations between your friend and her beloved there is some quarrel and arrange a meeting with this guy. You can call it and invite on a visit, having told that you will try to help it to reconcile with his girl or choose other approach and ask to come to you home to help to perform some man's work, for example, to reinstall a system on the laptop or the computer. Refer to the fact that except this young man you have nobody to ask for the help any more. When the guy comes to you on a visit, you have to look tempting. Let the short dressing gown or a skirt with a top will be put on you. Persuade the guy to drink with you tea or coffee, and then allegedly accidentally spill drink to him on trousers. Suggest to wash off his clothes, begin to wipe a towel in the field of the intimate place. It is unlikely the man to whom you are pleasant will be able to resist it. And in general, if to avoid concrete staged scenes, for seducing of the guy of the girlfriend you can use any methods and methods which work concerning other men. It can be gestures, hints, smiles and open flirtation.

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