How to be wrung out on one hand

How to be wrung out on one hand

Level of complexity of push-ups on one hand is estimated as high. It is better for beginners not to undertake such exercise, for its performance perfectly developed body muscles are required. Push-ups on one hand train completely all shoulder girdle and all pectoral muscles. At push-up only one half of the case therefore for its performance it is necessary to possess not only the exercised muscle, but also fine feeling of balance is involved.


1. Before beginning to learn to be wrung out on one hand, you have to have down to a science push-ups on two. Train muscles of hands, breasts, shoulders and the press. At first be convinced that you can be wrung out from the floor on two hands in classical option not less than fifty times.

2. Now complicate style of push-up a little, learn to be wrung out with narrow setting of hands. At the same time big and long fingers of both hands have to concern each other.

3. Begin to master push-ups with broad setting of hands. Part hands in the parties so widely as soon as you are able, and be wrung out. If you are able to be wrung out fifty times, you pass to the following step of trainings.

4. Begin to be wrung out in situation when legs are above the head. Find some bench or use the sofa at home. In this position it is the share of hands, pectoral muscles and shoulders where big loading.

5. Master push-ups with hops. Option of this exercise is push-up with cottons. Exercise is quite difficult if you could seize it, then you can pass to push-ups on one hand.

6. To execute push-up on one hand, straighten the body and hold it on the outstretched arm and toes. Find balance, your body shouldn't shiver or be unsteady. That it was easier to keep balance in such situation, take other leg aside a little. Get the second hand for the back, fingers of the hand on which you keep, direct forward. Send the look to the floor.

7. Now begin to fall slowly on one hand. When you fall by 10-15 cm, stand in this situation for some time. Then be wrung out, return to the home position. Make several repetitions.

8. Change the hand. Now get other hand for the back and take other leg aside. Do everything, they are fall by 10-15 cm, record the body in this point, then be wrung out from the floor and return to the home position.

9. If it is heavy to you to keep balance at push-ups, get the hand not for the back, and arrange on the hip – it will help you.

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