How to eat at serious exercise stresses

How to eat at serious exercise stresses

Very few people, besides professional athletes, think how it is necessary to eat at serious exercise stresses. Actually, it is very serious question. Achievements in sport quite often depend on the healthy balanced nutrition.


1. At serious exercise stresses the rigid diet is fraught with deterioration in overall health and the metabolic disorder. Any trainings which differ from usual everyday life – the certain stress for the organism which is in addition spending energy. For its full completion it is necessary to eat rationally, considering the volume of exercise stresses.

2. The fitness as sport, doesn't demand special cardinal change of habitual food, even at rather serious loadings. Experts in this case recommend to include fresh vegetables and fruit as they are suppliers of minerals and vitamins B the organism in the menu. It is also useful to use at serious training by fitness meat and fish. These products contain amino acids necessary for the organism. And what is surprising, experts recommend to indulge at regular trainings themselves desserts and flour products. Dried fruits, fruit mousses, pastries from coarse flour, oatmeal cookies – are carriers of useful carbohydrates which will quickly fill power stocks of the organism.

3. At serious exercise stresses the food allowance has to be accurately planned. For the breakfast the ideal dish – grain porridge or oat flakes with milk. During the day it is necessary to eat surely something hot, for example, soup on chicken broth. Also you shouldn't forget about the fresh vegetables salad filled with olive oil. As second course the baked fish or boiled meat perfectly will approach. Fruit, low-fat cottage cheese and natural yogurts can be used instead of having a snack. The glass of kefir and green apple – the great dinner for the athlete.

4. At occupations on power simulators it is necessary to choose a few other approach to food. It is necessary to exclude products which badly are digested from the daily menu: fat, haricot, peas, cabbage, etc. At serious exercise stresses food will be felt as the stone in the stomach, to make abdominal distention, sick, the unpleasant eructation, etc. Similar symptoms can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract over time.

5. Don't forget about the general rules of food at serious exercise stresses. Full meal has to be carried out after the training not earlier, than in 2 hours. During the occupation it is necessary to drink water not less than a liter. In 3 hours prior to the training it is necessary to eat surely fully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team