Than run is useful to health and longevity?

Than run is useful to health and longevity?

Any person wants to have excellent health which will remain for many years and will prolong life. To achieve such results, it is necessary to work on the body since youth. It is known that our heart consists of the muscle which drives and pumps over blood. And all organism in general, so, health depends on its work.

Heart needs the constant training. Per day our pulse has to increase at least twice. It is the first precept of famous professor – the cardiologist to keep youth and health to heart. Very useful training for the vascular system is run. It has the number of indications, at small loading the person at any age can be engaged in it.

 The main thing is to learn correctly to run, with advantage for the health. At run the arterial blood pressure, pulse is normalized, vessels train and become hardy. The immune system begins to work actively, and the organism ceases to have catarrhal diseases often. To start trainings it is better to undergo additional inspection and to get permission of the doctor. As at any kind of sport, at run there are contraindications too.

To know the most important that you run in the pleasure, trainings shouldn't be a burden. Buy special sports shoes and the training suit for run. The comfortable and comfortable clothes for run will lighten you the mood and will give forces.

It is recommended to run early morning hours before work or in the evening. It is necessary to make jogs regularly, to try to run with the accruing loading. Then your muscles and vessels will get used to gradual loading that is very important for heart. It is necessary to run far away from gas-polluted places where there is clean and useful air.

It is necessary to breathe at run correctly and deeply. It is desirable to inhale air through the nose, and to exhale through the mouth. At such breath pressure won't increase and to be hit heart hard. Each person has the level of endurance and tension. Run, not strongly troubling themselves, everything has to be moderately and in joy. It isn't necessary to sit down or stop after run at once. It is necessary to reduce loading gradually. It is possible just to pass to intensive walking, with application of physical exercises.

Having learned to run, you get wonderful mood and the charge of positive emotions for the difficult working day. Who is engaged in run, that long leads full-fledged life, without carrying for himself the whole package of drugs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team