As enteritis at dogs is transmitted

As enteritis at dogs is transmitted

The diagnosis made to the favourite pet is a terrible sentence for the owner, especially if it is enteritis. At the first symptoms of this disease it is necessary to address the veterinarian that he prescribed the correct treatment to the favourite urgently. That enteritis did not repeat, it is necessary to know about how it is transmitted.

As the disease is shown

Enteritis is infectious or non-infectious. The difference of one from another is that the first is given from one animal to another, and there is no second —. Ways of development and a consequence of a disease differ too.

Infectious enteritis arises as if without the visible reasons, that is without change of the place of walks, food and stresses. This disease is followed by a diarrhea with slime, blood streaks, forage particles. Also enteritis is shown by vomiting with spumescence. At this disease the pet refuses liquid and quickly dumps in weight.

As a rule, enteritis affects young dogs. Only timely and correct vaccination can save the pet.

Sources by which the animal can be infected with enteritis

Rodents, dogs — virus carriers, insects, the infected animals and even the person can become carriers of infectious enteritis. Besides, the pet can be infected with this disease from the drunk liquid or the eaten forage. It is possible to ache with enteritis also in the contact way. For this purpose it is enough to lick or sniff at the infected thing. Communication with a sick animal can also become a source of infection with enteritis. The subjects of the contents — a brush, a laying are not an exception. Among other things, the violated or wrong norms and structure of food, unfair leaving, adverse events can contribute to the development of a disease. It is possible to carry to number of the last a gelmintization, the undergone operation, predisposition to gastrointestinal diseases, change of the owner. The hidden condition of a virus lasts from four to ten days. If a source of infection with enteritis is liquid or food, then the disease is shown in Calais within three-five days. These and other allocations of an animal can be dangerous to other pets. The sharp form of infectious enteritis can lead to the death of an animal. The animal withers in the eyes and in 3-6 days can already die. The sharp form of enteritis is shown by heart failure, dehydration and severe pain. If in time not to address the veterinarian, then the probability of a lethal outcome is high. It is very important to treat as this disease claims the lives of 60 percent of puppies. Therefore at emergence of the first signs of the desease it is necessary to carry an animal in veterinary clinic and to show it to the expert.

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