As it is better to call a big dog

As it is better to call a big dog

The choice of a name nickname is also important for a dog, as well as for the person. The nickname and a dog have to correspond each other. When you clearly imagine that the magnificent beautiful dog who will be able will grow from a small clumsy fluffy lump, standing on hinder legs, lobbies to put to you on shoulders, it is necessary to choose also the corresponding nickname.


1. Many dogs who appear in houses puppies have a family tree. And it considerably simplifies the choice of a name as you already know how the puppy will look, having become the adult. Besides, puppies from a family tree have a name which the manufacturer gives them. It begins on the certain letter connected with serial number of a dung. You can pick up a name to a dog on this letter, using catalogs of the dog nicknames sorted alphabetically. Such catalogs can be found in the Internet.

2. At selection of a nickname consider the general rules by which appropriate names to dogs. It has to be short, no more than two, at most three syllables, sonorous and are rather easy to be said when you loudly call up a dog to yourself. It is good if at a dog name there is a sound "р", and it is desirable that in it there was a combination of two concordants standing in a row.

3. It is better to call a big dog by such name which sounds rather validly. If the nature of breed rather quiet and a dog when she is adult, the "regal" behavior is inherent, it is possible to use names of foreign kings, to name her Richard, King, Rex or Regina, Margo.

4. If the dog promises to grow in the terrible defender of master's good and members of his family, it is possible to pick up a "piracy" Flint nickname, Morgan. But it is impossible to give the nickname having a negative shade – the Killer, Angry and similar. Such breeds as a sheep-dog, a Dobermann terrier or a bull terrier, have congenital aggression, you can smooth this quality of character, having picked up a dog a nickname is "softer" - Lesya, Lizzie, Smokki, Gizli.

5. Knowing the history of breed, address it. Esteem as called valorous ancestors – ancestors whose blood flows in veins of your dog. Or, if the name of breed is connected with a certain country, choose to a puppy the name inherent in representatives of these people or those dogs which part there.

6. Big dogs well suit nicknames with the name of natural phenomena, wild animals, the rivers – Amur, the Leopard, the Thunder, Pamir, Tayger or Leo (from a tiger and a lion in English).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team