As it is necessary to feed a dog and than

As it is necessary to feed a dog and than

At a dog, as well as at the person, improper feeding can become the cause of various diseases. The standard mode of feeding does not exist as each animal has the tastes and addictions. However it is necessary to consider that a dog, despite the long and successful domestication, first of all a predator, and meat has to make nearly a half of all diet.


1. The diet of a dog, mostly, consists of the products which are not demanding heat treatment. Depending on dog breed, crude meat has to make 45-50%. Generally low-fat beef. Use of mutton, horse-flesh, fowl and an offal, the last, however, strictly individually, depending on reaction of a digestive tract of an animal is allowed. Pork and chicken legs cannot be given.

2. An offal has to be present at a diet. However the liver and a lung is not recommended to be given often as not all dogs well transfer them. A specific place is held by the crude beef hem. Begin to enter into an animal diet meat from it. At emergence of intolerance on any product that can be expressed by appearance of diarrhea or vomiting, exclude it from food. Previously expose to frost all meat.

3. 2-3 times a week give to a dog previously exposed to frost sea fish. It has to be low-fat and not bony. It is impossible to give fresh river or pond fish.

4. From fermented milk products for feeding of dogs cottage cheese 5-9% fat, kefir and curdled milk with a small period of storage about 3.5% fat is optimum. Do not give fermented baked milk and sweet yogurts.

5. The majority of vegetables can be used in a diet of a dog. It is useful to give parsley, fennel, lettuce leaves. Greens and vegetables are always given in crude, previously small cut or rubbed. Use of potatoes and exotic fruit is undesirable. Vegetables can be given separately or together with meat, and here with fermented milk products it is undesirable.

6. 2-3 times a week add crude eggs to dairy feeding. As a source of cellulose it is desirable to use bran. It is also best of all to give them everything with fermented milk products. Vegetables and bran only additive to the main proteinaceous diet.

7. Crude bones – an important source of phosphorus and calcium. Dogs can give epiphyses – the ends of bones. It is not necessary to cook them. Boiled bones badly are digested and can become the reason of impassability of intestines.

8. Bread, pasta, grain are digestible carbohydrates and for a continuous power of dogs are unsuitable. Do not mix different types of food. If you prefer natural forages, then do not add dry and vice versa.

9. The day volume of the food consumed by a dog has to be to the 6th monthly age 6-7% of body weight, after – 3-3.5%. All diet is halved approximately between meat and fermented milk products. Vegetable food – 15-20% of a meat diet.

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