Bathroom furniture: how to choose and how to look after

Bathroom furniture: how to choose and how to look after

The question of what furniture to choose for the bathroom, sets many of those who have decided to make repair in this room or just to change scenery. It is necessary to approach the choice of furniture for the bathroom with all responsibility, it not only has to be resistant to influence of moisture and steam, but also to constantly transfer temperature drops and cleaning by means of household chemicals.

How to define quality of furniture for the bathroom

Before making purchase, it is worth making sure that furniture to the bathroom which you have decided to get differs in high quality. For a start make sure that material of which pieces of furniture are made is resistant to moisture influence. If the set for the bathroom is made of tree, then it is more preferable that it was the alder. The cheap bathroom furniture from plastic, though differs in moisture-proofness, quickly loses the attractive look.

If to you bathroom furniture from chipboard has attracted, check quality of faces and edges which have property to come unstuck under the influence of moisture.

Headsets from MDF are convenient that they can be painted repeatedly. It is especially convenient to buy such bathroom furniture custom-made, but if you buy already ready painted furniture, make sure of uniformity of coat of paint and lack of chips.

How to prolong furniture life cycle in the bathroom

That furniture in the bathroom has served as long as possible, it is necessary to follow number of rules which will help to keep exterior of set.

Constant temperature drops and the increased humidity in the bathroom negatively affect even the strongest and qualitative furniture. Do not forget to air this room and in due time remove puddles and splashes after adoption of water procedures. These simple measures will help you to prolong life cycle of your set.

Do not use for cleaning of furniture aggressive means of household chemicals and brush with rigid pile as they not only can leave ugly scratches on surface of set, but also will lead to abrasion of the top protective layer.

Do not put curbstone with sink too close to wall as if the curbstone stands closely, flow waters and congestion of moisture will lead to mold growth. Leave space for free air circulation.

If in the bathroom the heated floor is equipped, then best of all establish furniture on legs there, it not only will facilitate cleaning, but also will prevent rassykhaniye. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team