How to replace houseplants

How to replace houseplants

Probably, it is difficult to find the house in which houseplants would not grow on windowsills or in cachepot. As well as any plants, they demand permanent care and periodic change. It is necessary for their further growth. At the same time soil and, often, tanks in which plants are planted is updated. To replace houseplants, you will also need scoop and piece of polyethylene or the newspaper, but which this procedure will happen.


1. Well water plant that the earth has become wet and became soft. Spread the newspaper or piece of cellophane, you carry out all manipulations on them not to scatter the earth on floor. Accurately hook plant and pull out it together with roots from pot.

2. Shake the earth which remained in plant roots from them, but completely it is not necessary to delete it not to damage root system. Check it, whenever possible remove, cutting off sharp scissors, the dried-up and decayed roots.

3. If roots of plant have filled practically all space of pot, and there is almost no earth left, it will need to be replaced in other pot bigger by the size. It is not necessary to choose pot much more largely, its diameter should not be more than 2-3 centimeters more, than diameter previous.

4. On pot bottom, over opening put uneven pebble or pieces of clay crocks that the drainage hole was not hammered with the earth when the plant is watered. Fill fresh soil over crocks and place plant, trying that it and in new pot grew at the same level that in previous. Between roots of plant and walls of pot to dosypta the earth. The layer of the earth has to be approximately on 1 centimeter to be lower than edge of pot.

5. It is abundant water the earth that soil was condensed, if necessary still to its podsypta. The next 3-4 weeks plant it is not necessary to feed up and it is abundant to water as there is process of accustoming and new leaves at this time practically does not appear. When the plant throws out new escapes again, fertilizing can be resumed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team