As looks huskies

As looks huskies

The breed huskies appeared in the USA, her representatives are actively used as draft dogs. This very easy and fast animal with a reliable wool cover that makes him the unpretentious assistant to the person.


1. Huskies – in proportion the put dog of the average size, fast and easy in movements. A cranium average by the size, slightly roundish. Transition from a forehead in a muzzle is expressed distinctly.

2. Color of a lobe of a nose depends on a wool color. If the color gray, red or black, a lobe of a nose is black color. If a color copper – the lobe of a nose has chestnut color.

3. If the color white, a lobe of a nose is corporal. There is also light lobe of a nose with pink streaks called snow.

4. The muzzle huskies is gradually narrowed towards a nose lobe, it is not pointed at the end. Nose back straight line.

5. Tissue of lips contains enough a pigment, a bite ordinary nozhnitseobrazny.

6. Eyes have the almond-shaped form, they are located a little slantwise and not really far apart. Color of eyes can be brown or blue. Look attentive and friendly, sometimes naughty.

7. Auricles by the size averages, triangular shape. Are in the vertical plane, are put close. On outer side there is a small camber, and tips are rounded off.

8. Neck of average length, curved. Direct back, not strongly thickset. Waist already, than thorax.

9. Dogs of this breed have a sloping croup, a deep and strong thorax. A tail of fox type, with a plentiful edge. Front extremities parallel and direct.

10. The shovel is inclined back, the shoulder also deviates perpendicular to the earth back and never. Very powerful muscles of a humeral belt.

11. At dogs of breed huskies very strong, but at the same time plastic joints. Back extremities also direct, moderately placed. The developed hip muscles, well expressed knee and skakatelny joints are characteristic.

12. An oval paw, but not extended. Between fingers there is a dense edge, small pillows thick and elastic.

13. Wool cover on all body of dense, average length. Underfur soft and plentiful, ostevy hair direct and also nonrigid. In the period of a molt at huskies there can be no underfur.

14. The color huskies can vary from black to white and allows existence of various drawings. These drawings are unique, they do not meet at representatives of other breeds.

15. Adult dogs reach in height of 60 cm, adult boughs – 56 cm. The weight of a dog can fluctuate from 20 to 28 kg, boughs – from 15 to 23 kg. Weight huskies is always proportional to growth, for dogs of this breed it is abnormal to have excessive weight or to differ in an excessive kostistost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team