As to support them and to breed aquarian frogs

As to support them and to breed aquarian frogs

Aquarian frogs perform several functions - it is an original decorative accessory and means for water disinfecting. There are special types of frogs intended for maintenance and cultivation in aquariums however also ordinary river red-bellied toads can take root in house conditions.

Keeping of aquarian frogs

The majority of aquarian frogs are unpretentious and do not demand special conditions of keeping. Even it is possible to keep in a small aquarium at the same time 2-3 individuals. The main thing what it is necessary to pay attention to is a soil and selection of special water plants.

Optimal variants of filling of an aquarium are river gravel or a granite crumb. The fact is that frogs like to dig poles and to hide in them therefore use of other types of soil for an aquarium can lead to considerable pollution of water. River sand which is not recommended to be applied categorically, for example, belongs to such types.

Can live up to 15 years in an aquarium of a frog. The main condition of keeping is leaving and the correct feeding of water inhabitants.

Plants for an aquarium in which lives frog, it is necessary to select with special attention. Green vegetation has to possess quite large leaves and the developed root system. Otherwise quick inhabitants of an aquarium can podryt plants. The bases of all vegetation should be laid over large stones. Aquarian frogs treat temperature differences badly therefore when changing water try that it slightly differed from old. Besides, for filling of an aquarium it is recommended to use only the settled liquid. You should not forget that frogs are amphibious beings therefore air for them has not smaller value, than water. In aquariums with frogs it is necessary to place several pieces of polyfoam that if desired the reptile could have a rest from water elements on a water surface.

Food of frogsThe most favourite food for aquarian frogs – cranks, a karetra and hearts. This kind of Amphibia is predators therefore it is periodically possible to treat frogs with pieces of fish or chicken meat. It is impossible to overfeed aquarian frogs at all. From constant glut they develop serious diseases of a liver which can lead to death. The extra care should be shown with such kind of a forage as a trubochnik. It is recommended to give this forage several times a week, and such worms are not suitable for the daily use. Some types of aquarian frogs, for example, of a pipa, can eat the fishes living with them in the neighbourhood. For this reason it is better to contain such species of frogs in separate aquariums. Other types of these Amphibia do not show at all interest in those water inhabitants who live together with them.

Reproduction of aquarian frogs

Reproduction of frogs in an aquarium does not bring excess difficulties. Females of reptiles lay caviar which is impregnated within several days.

During the marriage period on pads the male has bright black strips. At the same time frogs begin to make the sounds reminding tick of arrows on hours.

Tadpoles can differ in the behavior and appearance. They can swim headfirst, spend the most part of time on a water surface, but not at the bottom of an aquarium. At some of them it is possible to notice quite long short moustaches. Little beings mainly eat seaweed, however it is recommended to feed up in addition them the crushed spinach and lettuce leaves. Gradually tadpoles turn into small frogs, but with a tail. During this period of time the food of reptiles changes. Frogs begin to eat the forage intended for fishes and also show much interest in water fleas who become their favourite food.

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