How to keep tulips in the winter

How to keep tulips in the winter

Tulip – bulbous perennial plant which grows to 70 centimeters in height. Has small amount of the leaves covered with wax and large flower with six lobes. The correct storage of bulbs of tulips during the winter period will provide rich blossoming in new season. As it is correct to keep tulips in the winter?


1. Bulbs of tulips need to be dug out at once after completely turn yellow and leaves will wither. Usually it is done to the middle of June. The scale on bulb during this period gains light brown color. At annual outplanting good, healthy bulbs which have gain in the form of the child are formed. At later outplanting the quality of bulbs worsens, it affects decrease in advantages of distillation. If to leave bulbs for the winter in the soil, next year you receive less children, and flowers will become more small.

2. After bulbs are removed, introduce necessary fertilizers and plow up the soil. Dry the dug-out bulbs in well aired place in shadow at temperature of 25-30 degrees within ten days, air humidity has to make 50%. After that clean them from scales, old backs and the earth, sort by the size. Bulbs which diameter reaches four centimeters and more belong to the first grade. To the second – from three to four centimeters. It is possible to carry bulbs from two to three centimeters in size to the third in the diameter.

3. Then put the sorted bulbs in container with sand or paper bags and you store in the room with adjustable temperature condition and good ventilation. At storage it is important not to allow dryings of bulbs (tulips from the dried-up bulbs will worse blossom), but at the same time the excessive dampness is dangerous.

4. You store bulbs of tulips in one-two layers, each grade has to be in separate container. The first three weeks temperature in storage has to reach 20-25 degrees at the relative air humidity of 70-80%. Gradually reduce temperature to 15-18 degrees and bring to 12 degrees. Relative air humidity has to be 60-70%. Thus, you store bulbs before landing season. High temperature during forming of kidneys considerably will accelerate its development and will promote earlier blossoming.

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