How to accustom a dog to the new owner

How to accustom a dog to the new owner

Dogs are known for the fidelity – they for a long time if they not for the rest of life, become attached to owners. The dog can transfer change of the owner very hard, for whatever reasons it occurred. That between the new owner and his pet trusting relationship was established, it is necessary to put a lot of effort.


1. The dog is younger, the easier there takes place adaptation to new conditions – the puppy will quicker get used to new owners, than an adult animal. Do not expect fast result – have patience better. In the first days, and it is possible, and weeks with a dog it is necessary to spend much time.

2. The first meeting with the new pet is very important. If you behave too tenderly or, on the contrary, cold and roughly if show indecision and will allow a dog to notice your uncertainty, it will be difficult to achieve good contact with an animal. The dog will or be afraid of you, or will decide that it is optional to obey.

3. If you know who possessed a dog for you, try to communicate to the former owner. Learn more about the new pet: what delicacies he prefers as spent time on walks with it. Conditions on the new residence of a dog have to remind a little her the former house – of course if you did not take away an animal from the street, from a shelter or from people who treated it badly.

4. Do not forget that the orders accepted in your house can strongly differ from conditions in which there lived a dog. If former owners badly brought up her, indulged, the rigid discipline, most likely, will not be pleasant to her. More time and efforts will be required to force an animal to obey and make it operated. Try not to resort nevertheless to power methods without emergency.

5. The dog can feel strong affection for the former owner even in case he treated it badly. Therefore until the animal gets used, do not leave his one in the yard or on the street – the dog can escape. If the dog is sad, looks suppressed, do not regret time for communication with it; if there is an opportunity, play or walk.

6. An aggressive dog do not try "to break" - unlimited demonstration of force will only embitter an animal even more, however it is necessary to let it know that manifestations of aggression in relation to you, the family members or other animals who are with it in one house are inadmissible. Talk to a dog quiet tone as much as possible, having been located so that she could not bite you. You do not hurry to iron her – the dog can regard unusual touches as attack, especially if she did not get used to caress.

7. If the animal is intimidated, is afraid of touches and a loud voice, do not hurry to demand from it implementation of commands – try to gain her trust caress in the beginning, to communicate, constantly calling it by name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team