How to accustom a dog to walks

How to accustom a dog to walks

Walks with a puppy are necessary not only for strengthening of health and immunity of an animal, but also for acquisition of life experience, adaptation to the environment. However before beginning to walk the pet, it is necessary to make sure that all vaccination is done, and the quarantine after the last vaccine is sustained. Only after that it is possible to bring a puppy to the street.


1. It is only necessary to accustom to walks of a puppy after the animal got used to the owner. To walk with pets at the age of 1-3 months, it is necessary as much as possible carefully as at your pet the nervous system was not created yet and on physical development he is far from a maturity. Therefore during walk try to avoid excess loadings.

2. As often as possible stop to give to an animal the chance to get acquainted with various objects, to allow to sniff and consider them. Every time when the puppy is frightened of something, try to return to this place that he made sure of lack of danger (with it you will be helped by various delicacies) gradually.

3. In quiet and peaceful places where nothing threatens your favourite, you can unfasten a lead and give the chance to run about to a puppy on freedom. It will help to develop at a puppy an initiative at acquaintance with unfamiliar objects and smells, their differentiation (distinction, recognition). Besides the puppy will learn to react quietly and correctly to various external irritants. However you remember that it is impossible to relax also at emergence of any danger at all (for example, cars) it is necessary to take a puppy on a lead.

4. It is not recommended to overstrain a puppy too long and heavy walks, to bring him to such state when the animal ceases to be interested in the objects surrounding it. It is especially important to watch that the pet did not leave your field of vision, the help of the owner at any time can be required by him.

5. At first try to bring as often as possible a puppy to the street (it is desirable each 2 hours). It is the best of all to walk the pet after a dream or food. Thus you accustom the favourite to walks much quicker. Over time it is necessary to reduce the frequency of walks to four in day, then to three and, at last, to two.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team