How to accustom a parrot to a cage

How to accustom a parrot to a cage

The bird has to fly even if it is a domestic parrot who the most part of life will move in a cage. The parrot who has an opportunity to get out to freedom not only gives joy to himself and owners, but also lives longer. To be constantly in a close cage to a birdie it is harmful and walks on the apartment have to continue not less than 15 minutes a day. But at the same time a parrot it is necessary to accustom to return to a cage.


1. The parrot has to get used to the new place. Let's it live quietly in a cage about a month. During this time he will get used both to the house, and to you, and that your hands will not do it the harm. It can learn even to take a forage from hands and to sit down on your finger. At first at approach of human hands of a bird behave differently. Some hide, others become aggressive. Do not pay attention to excessive fearfulness, and aggression should be suffered even if your hands will suffer from a sharp beak. Do not take away them and do not do sharp movements, and quietly stop changing a forage or to tide up a cage.

2. When the parrot gets used that in a cage your hands regularly appear, begin to teach him to sit down on a finger. Just extend a forefinger and bring it to pads of a parrot. Let him think that it is a pole. If from the first it did not turn out – leave a bird alone and after a while repeat exercise again. Eventually everything at you will turn out.

3. When the parrot to learn to get over on a finger and back on a pole, begin to teach it to leave a cage. Before a lesson close all windows and doors in the room. Open a cage and force a parrot to change on a finger. Take out a hand with a bird from a cage. If the parrot does not wish to get out, is afraid and rushes back in a cage – leave him alone, close a cage and after a while repeat exercise. Eventually the parrot will understand that nothing bad is offered to him. But the bird can get away: to do some flying about the room and to climb above that you did not get her.

4. Periodically let out a parrot from a cage. He of course will bring at first upon you a lot of trouble, but eventually will learn to come back to a cage independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team