How to avoid tooth diseases at dogs

How to avoid tooth diseases at dogs

The disease of teeth at dogs is directly connected with hygiene of their mouth. There is a set of ways to avoid diseases in this area. Some of them are directed to direct maintaining purity of teeth, others - to maintenance of the immune system which carries out their natural protection.


1. You do not feed a dog with the food containing sweeteners. These substances enhance taste, but do not bear anything useful. As sweeteners can be used: fructose, sugar, corn syrup, reed treacle, etc. Read inscriptions on packings and check existence in a stern of similar ingredients. Any kinds of sweeteners have negative impact on dental health. Besides, they attack the immune system of a dog that increases the probability of a disease of cancer, arthritis, a hypoglycemia, a hypertension, allergy and other diseases.

2. Try to support work of the immune system of a dog at the good level. She naturally struggles with diseases including teeth. Diversify its diet so that food contained enough minerals and vitamins (phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin C, etc.). Add them to a forage various fruit and vegetables, give also some dairy products. For strengthening of teeth it is possible to give carrots and pieces of apples. However the last need to be given without sunflower seeds poisonous for dogs.

3. Regularly you brush to a dog teeth, it is desirable, several times a week. For this purpose it is possible to use a usual toothbrush or a piece of any material, for example, of a gauze. If you never performed this procedure earlier, it is necessary to accustom to it a dog. Begin with easy movements with a forefinger on gums. Such massage is especially useful to puppies when they cut teeth. As soon as the dog gets used to such touches, pass to toothbrushing. There are also special cleaners for dog teeth. Read their structure attentively. They should not contain hazardous substances, for example, fluoride.

4. For maintenance of health of teeth it is possible to use a veterinary scalar. This device is intended for removal of a dental plaque and a stone. However use of this equipment can lead to appearance of scratches and chips on teeth, besides, it can become the reason of damage of tooth enamel. Entrust the procedure of cleaning by means of a scalar to professionals if it was never done.

5. Special dental toys can become a good way of prevention of a disease of teeth. They perform several functions at once: satisfy needs of nature of a dog to chew, teeth, a gum and a jaw in general train, calm pain at a teething, delete a dental plaque, etc. Before purchase of such toy surely study material of which it is made. It should not contain any carcinogens, allergens and toxins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team