As it is better to straighten hair

As it is better to straighten hair

Ways of hair straightening much. It is necessary to choose suitable depending on structure of curls. Someone is helped by the sparing means, and some - chemicals. If you are not able to pick up optimal variant, consult to the experienced hairdresser.


  1. Register in beauty shop if you have very elastic curls by nature. It is senseless to straighten them in house conditions. If hair healthy and strong, to you smooth them by means of special medicines. Solution will be applied on hair, combed, and through certain period washed away warm water and will set result. Curls will finish for several months, then the procedure can be carried out repeatedly.
  2. Try to straighten hair by means of the iron or the hair dryer for hair. But electric devices negatively influence structure of curls therefore you put previously thermoprotection. To smooth with the hair dryer slightly more difficult. Take lock of moist hair on hairbrush and conduct it to bottom, at the same time drying phenom. Set effect by varnish that it kept longer.
  3. Look in shops at special shampoos, balms and soft creams which are intended for smoothing of curls. Use them daily. The effect remains on short period of time – it depends on structure of hair. If you have elastic curls, can even not spend for means money – the effect all the same will not be.
  4. If you have injured hair which for this reason lie chaotically and do not want to take the necessary form, revitalize them. For this purpose regularly do masks, you apply burdock or castor oil, wash the head with nutritious shampoo. In process of recovery of structure, hair will become more obedient and silky.
  5. There are also national methods of straightening of curls. For example, to rub in them cognac, apple cider vinegar and other components. But they act not always therefore you do not make experiments better – you can spend time in vain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team