How to establish bindings

How to establish bindings

From that how qualitative will be bindings for your snowboard will depend as well and surely you will learn to ride. Of course, the main measure in the choice for fixture is your skating style though there are also other parties influencing the choice is the ease of use and the price.

Soft bindings

Such bindings – the most convenient type of fixture. It approaches in use by that who is attracted by freeride or freestyle. They keep high sensitivity of the board and the first-class mobility it during tricks, and any feints. There is not the convincing fixation of the anklebone and leg, and the complexity of removal and their putting on is very notable in comparison with others. Height of fixation of Achilles tendons and the ankle, can depend on the choice riding. Fixtures are made with the high, low and middle back part. Step-ineti's bindings of the binding the most comfortable at removal and putting on. They enjoy wide popularity at beginners snowboarders as well control edges of boards and are very convenient in use. It is very simple to establish bindings that does them by the most running, and the industry of their production, in the market of bindings for snowboards, quickly growing area.

Zhestkiyekrepleniye bindings rigid have no such convenience as step-in and soft fixtures, but thanks to them there is the better fixation and the similarity to bindings for skis is noticed. They are interesting first of all to those who seriously are engaged in the carving or love racing descents. Turns with them become very sharp, and having achieved it there is the loss of "feeling of the board", because of emergence of the general stability. Freestyle tekhnicheskiykharakteren for the riders riding figured slopes. Earlier most of them was interested in other sports, such as rollers, skateboard. And now they jump with the snowboard. Bindings for this style are generally used the soft, having two belts and the short back, for achievement of mobility and the necessary corner. FriraydEto the type of the extreme skating style on slopes of mountains. Free riders derive pleasure from the bends taking the breath away. Bindings for this purpose like driving use the soft, having 2.3 belts for additional control. The main thing, is good to fix and establish bindings. FrikarvKatanie on the cross-country terrain. Develops much quicker than the others in the world of snowboards. Pleasure latitude of turns, track length, long mortgaging. Boots for this type of driving have the distinctive feature - the third belt of fixture.

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