How to sow eggplants

How to sow eggplants

Eggplant – tasty vitamin and mineral complex! In this vegetable the squirrel is a lot of, organic acids, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron. Consumption of eggplants lowers cholesterol level in blood. However in midland of Russia it is not so simple to grow up eggplants. For successful landing "Hippopotamus", Baikal, Bonika and Valentina is recommended to take seeds of grades.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - pots of different diameter;
  • - sawdust, sand, peat;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - sacks from fabric;
  • - film.


1. Do not plant seeds on beds at once. For a start the pots with a diameter of 4-5 cm filled with mix from sawdust or sand (25%) and peat (75%) will approach. Neutralize sour peat lime. Add complex mineral fertilizers with microelements to mix (part two tablespoons of fertilizing in three liters of water). It is also possible to use sulfate potassium, ammonium nitrate or superphosphate. Do not condense the soil – at lack of oxygen the seeds can not sprout.

2. Before landing in pots disinfect seeds, having taken their half an hour in strong solution of pharmaceutical "potassium permanganate", and then wash out, put in sacks from fabric and keep day in nutritious solution (on water liter - teaspoon to nitrophoska, wood ashes or fertilizing "Ideal").

3. Put several seeds on depth of 1.5-2 cm in the center of pot, slightly water, fill up with substrate layer (5-7 mm) and cover with film. Temperature for prorashchivaniye of these vegetables has to be 25 degrees. Put pots to the light place.

4. As soon as there are leaves, replace eggplants in pots with a diameter of 10-12 cm and attract for couple of days for high-quality rooting.

5. Plant seedling eggplant on beds after spring frosts when the earth gets warm up to 20 degrees. The site has to be solar and protected from wind. Place seedling with earth lump on damp beds in holes depth and 15-20 cm wide. After disembarkation carefully press and water the earth about roots of plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team