How to breed carps

How to breed carps

The carp is considered unpretentious fish therefore remarkably is suitable for cultivation in a pond. The carp is rather well adapted for life in the landlocked warmed-up reservoirs. And in small lakes the carp grows much quicker, than in large as less energy is spent for search of a forage. As it is correct to breed carps and to make from this profitable business?


1. The most available and simple method of cultivation and cultivation of carps is a stocking during the spring period of a godovikama of carps and catching in their fall. By this moment the carps will reach goods supply. If you have no opportunity to get godovik, then zarybit a reservoir whitebaits. But it is much more difficult as separate categories of ponds for cultivation, cultivation and a wintering will be required.

2. Optimum temperature for cultivation of a carp – 20-28 degrees, at the same time water has to be standing with moderate quantity of vegetation. Oxygen content in water has to be 5-7 mg/l during the summer period, in winter – it is not lower than 4 mg/l. Under such circumstances and good feeding fish will daily gain 5-7 grams. If water temperature is less than 14 degrees, the carp begins to consume less food, moves a little and loses flesh.

3. The carp practically eats everything. If you have available no special forage, then it can be replaced with pork or chicken compound feed. Such forage needs to be kneaded and brought previously in water in the form of the test. Bean and cereal cultures will also be suitable for feeding of a carp, they need to be brought in the inflated state. It is recommended to feed fish twice a day in the certain place allocated especially for feeding. The carp will remember time and the place of feeding, the forage will not manage to sour. Many owners of karpyatnik even ring a hand bell, so fish goes on the place of feeding better.

4. For carps worms, small crustaceans and larvae of insects are considered as natural food. Maintain constant water level in a pond, desirable depth – one meter. The most popular breeds of a carp for cultivation: mirror, scaly, naked, linear, Ukrainian and ramchaty.

5. Cultivation of carps an intensive method is based on use of compound feeds with high content of proteins. At such method it is possible to increase quantity of a carp, but at the same time it will be required to provide an additional channel through a reservoir or aeration. As at the big density of a carp the pollution in a reservoir increases, and it bears risk of spread of diseases. Compound feed costs expensive therefore it is more expedient to use it together with cereals.

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