How to bring gooses in an incubator

How to bring gooses in an incubator

Gooses it is possible to buy on poultry farm or to receive a brood in house conditions, using a goose for incubation. But now electric incubators are more often used. Depending on the size of the device it is possible to receive a big livestock of young growth for once.

Fresh goose eggs will be suitable for an incubation. Special attention should be paid on that the shell was clean, without cracks, dents. Dirty eggs as it is strictly contraindicated to wash them are subject to rejection.

Before laying of eggs illuminate them on an ovoskopa. If the egg which is not impregnated or in a gleam dark stains are visible, such material is rejected. Besides, you should not put for an egg incubation which you did not manage to illuminate.

In incubatory trays stack goose eggs horizontally. As soon as you fill all available trays in an incubator, install the thermostat on heating to temperature of 37.8 degrees. In 4 hours increase temperature to 38-38.5 degrees. Maintain temperature of 37.8-38.0 degrees in the subsequent. From the second day begin to carry out double cooling of incubatory eggs. For this purpose in the morning and reduce temperature to 32-34 degrees for 15-20 minutes in the evening. From the fifth day periodically spray goose eggs. In modern incubators to carry out spraying there is no need. In the program the change of temperature condition and frequency of spraying is put. You made the first viewing on an ovoskopa to laying of eggs. The second needs to carry out for the ninth day of an incubation. Remove all eggs without germs. After survey reduce temperature in an incubator to 37.4-37.5 degrees. Add air exchange, continue to spray eggs systematically. You perform the subsequent inspections of eggs on an ovoskopa for the seventeenth and twenty seventh day. Do not forget, trays it is necessary to overturn all incubation period 12 times a day. If your incubator has no spraying function, and you due to various reasons cannot carry out spraying each three-four hours, cover eggs with wet towel wipes. If not to make it, germs can overheat, and you do not receive a brood of gooses. The beginning of a proklevyvaniye of gooses occurs in 28 days. A full conclusion takes three days. Sort the hatched gooses, put to the warm room with a temperature not lower than 30 degrees. Temperature lower each five days by 2 degrees. To twenty-day age of gooses it is possible to contain at the usual room temperature of 20 degrees. You keep the weakened gooses within the first week in the released incubator, maintaining temperature about 30-32 degrees.

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