How to choose an oriental cat

How to choose an oriental cat

Oriyentala are really surprising cats with a magnificent slender and well-muscled body, with an unusual muzzle and large nice ears. But beauty and original appearance of these cats – only addition to their remarkable character.


1. In advance solve whether you will present the cat at exhibitions for the purpose of receiving titles and further cultivation of expensive and perspective kittens. If is not present, then choose an inexpensive kitten or a young cat under sterilization/castration. So you will save money, and the pet will not torment you with the thirst of love affairs. If you plan to participate in exhibitions and to sell kittens, then you need a thoroughbred kitten is shaven or a show class.

2. Do not buy at all an oriental kitten which age did not reach three months how its owners tried to sell it to you quicker. The immunity of a kitten develops in the first three months of life, and at this time it is not recommended to take away it from mother. Besides, mom cat trains the kid in cat's knowledge therefore if you need a clever and well-mannered kitten, just wait a little.

3. When choosing an oriental kitten look at his parents. Not superfluous will be to ask documents of mother and father of the kid, to look at their family tree and titles.

4. Pay attention to appearance of a kitten. Exemplary oriyentat has to have the wedge-shaped head with a characteristic direct profile, a long neck, a graceful and slender body, strong long paws. Special attention give cats of an eye slanting, but not round. Any serious aberration will become an obstacle for receiving titles at exhibitions, and it is important to remember it.

5. Never choose a kitten according to the photo – get acquainted with him personally better. Estimate its character and habits to solve, you will suit him or not. Anyway it is worth remembering that oriental cats very strongly become attached to the owners, love sincerely and gently and do not transfer loneliness. If you plan to leave often and for a long time the pet of one at home, then, perhaps, it is worth holding off purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team