How to cut claws to a Yorkshire terrier

How to cut claws to a Yorkshire terrier

When you hear clatter of claws of your dog on a floor, know - time to tonsure them came. Differently claws will begin to give the mass of an inconvenience: they will disturb the pet when walking, will begin to burst and even to bleed. Besides, claws can be turned and grow into soft small pillows of paws. Therefore a hairstyle of claws - absolutely necessary procedure.

It is required to you

  • the nail clipper, file for claws, cuticle scissors, Q-tips, dry potassium permanganate.


1. Put the pet on knees, the left hand take a paw of a dog. The same hand accurately press an animal to yourself. Thus you will rather densely record the pet and will prepare him for the procedure.

2. From a claw which you are going to tonsure remove wool and press on a finger of a Yorkshire terrier a little. At the same time the claw will move forward outside a little, and will process it more conveniently.

3. Accurately, without touching a kogtevy bed, slightly cut off a claw. It is necessary to cut at an angle in 45 degrees. Attentively look and if it is required, cut off a little more. Surely you carry out processing and profitable, fifth fingers which are hidden in a hair and do not participate in walking.

4. Pay special attention to the small dark site which is in the middle of a claw - the beginning of a kogtevy bed. It is necessary not to touch vessels and the sensitive nervous terminations and not to cause to the pet of unpleasant feelings.

5. If you after all touched this area and saw a blood droplet on a claw tip, take a damp Q-tip and place its tip in dry potassium permanganate. For a short time press a stick with potassium permanganate to the bleeding place. Then you can pass to processing of the following claw.

6. Run a finger over cut edge of claws. Their surface very sharp is also capable to damage as the animal owner, and and the dog. Therefore after a hairstyle always process edges of claws of the pet a special file.

7. After a hairstyle and a podpilivaniye it is necessary to be engaged in wool between fingers of a dog. This hair collects various dirt, turns into bound together lumps and very strongly disturbs a Yorkshire terrier when walking. Shear also all wool which is below the paw basis. By the way, this stage of processing is pleasant to dogs much more, than a hairstyle of claws and their podpilivaniye.

8. It is the best of all to cut claws after bathing of a dog, then they are softened and best of all give in to processing. Also be not upset if your pet was tired and did not allow you to carry out all process completely. Let's it have a rest and continue the procedure next day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team