How to define a budgerigar female

How to define a budgerigar female

Upon purchase of a new pet there can be a difficulty with clarification of its floor. It is faultless to define ability, the female or a male before you, becomes extremely important if you decided to buy a budgerigar. The fact is that the behavior and learning ability of these birds in many respects depends on their floor.


1. Whenever possible wait until to a parrot it is executed one or one and a half months from the moment of birth. When they are absolutely small, it is almost impossible to define their sex, especially if you do not possess deep ornithological knowledge.

2. Pay attention to a voskovitsa of a parrot. So education from skin which is located in the top part of a beak of a bird is called. At males this area of usually blue or blue color while the voskovitsa the self-check most often has a brownish shade. However at a severe stress or in the period of a molt this area can become blue and at the self-check therefore pay attention and to other bases of sex of budgerigars.

3. If from the moment of the birth of your pet did not pass month, then color of a voskovitsa will not be expressed so brightly. At males in the first 30 days of life the area over a beak has uniform violet-red coloring. Voskovitsa of very young females at first it is non-uniform and possesses white marks on a light blue or light-beige background. Also existence of a thin white fringing around nostrils can become sign that before you there is a girl.

4. Look at pads of a budgerigar. At females they pinkish color. And pads of males have a bluish shade. To define a sex of a parrot more precisely, it is better to look at them not one by one and when they are together.

5. Pay attention to behavior of a bird. Samochki behave less actively. Especially it is noticeable in a situation, unusual for birds. Having appeared on the new place, men's individuals begin to study everything that is around them with curiosity. Girls begin to bring order to a cage. They throw out from it everything that it seems to them superfluous.

6. Listen to singing of a parrot. Females, as a rule, sing less often. Their songs are much shorter and are less beautiful. Besides they give in to training more difficultly and less than males, begin to speak.

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