How to define a sex at a rabbit

How to define a sex at a rabbit

If you made the decision to master cultivation of rabbits in house conditions, then it is necessary to learn to distinguish a male from a female. This skill will be required in pet-shop or from a krolikovod where your first rabbits will be bought. It is impossible to take a word to the seller, better most to check and define a sex.


1. At small krolchat it is possible to distinguish males from females from three-week age by carrying out survey of genitals. For adult animals and the grown-up young growth the procedure is carried out a little differently, than at small krolchat.

2. It is necessary to begin survey of a rabbit with washing of hands. Then to take a krolchonka on hands and to turn on a back back extremities from itself. At absolutely kids males the opening, at grown more up krolchat – a tubule will be visible. Females have a genital in the form of a cone with a slit-like opening from a tail. The distance to an anus at females is shorter.

3. At adult rabbits the sex determination should be done carefully as it is possible to receive heavy blow by hind legs with big claws. The right hand to clamp a tail, and left to delay skin at a genital towards the head. At young males the tubule with an opening, at mature males – a little curved penis will be visible. Females will have a sexual crack surrounded with looplike vulvar lips.

4. That it is more reliable to define a sex of rabbits, it is necessary to pay attention to additional signs. Males look more small than doe-rabbits, have a strong constitution, the big head. Females, on the contrary, possess a wide croup and the extended head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team