How to make a terrarium for a turtle

How to make a terrarium for a turtle

Krasnoukhy turtles are very lovely, curious, interesting animals, it is no wonder that increasing number of people choose them as pets. However for keeping of a krasnoukhy turtle in house conditions it is necessary to create her the certain conditions reminding the native habitat. It can achieve by the equipment for a turtle of a special terrarium. It can be made of a usual aquarium.


1. The size of a terrarium is determined, proceeding from the size of the turtle increased by seven (in length) and on 3 (in width). As in the nature the krasnoukhy turtles live both in water, and on the land, in a terrarium it is necessary to recreate both of these Wednesdays: the turtle has to have a place where she will be able to float and maintain by that the water balance and the place free from water in order that the animal could dry the surface of a body in order to avoid various diseases. In height the terrarium is done 15-20 cm higher than limit of water in it. The last, in turn, has to make not less, than 2 growth of a turtle that, accidentally having fallen on a back, it could turn over independently and did not choke. For the purpose of division of a terrarium into zones of a vodasush, as a rule, in it paste inclined glass on which the turtle can get out to the land, the animal connected to horizontal glass, on which will have a rest. The surface of glasses is done rough (but not scratching!) that the turtle did not slide off in water. It can achieve in different ways, more often on glasses an even layer paste fine sand.

2. One more vital need of a turtle is sunlight therefore, choosing a terrarium form, it is necessary to proceed from this that it could be held on the solar place in the apartment is the best option. If there is no opportunity to provide hit of sunshine, it is necessary to think of an artificial source of ultra-violet radiation - at its absence at a turtle the rickets can develop. For example, if there is an opportunity, under the size of a terrarium it is possible to make a cover to order with the built-in ultra-violet lamp. It is not obligatory to equip a terrarium with a feeding trough, the main thing is not to go to far in quantity of food and to give it gradually as the turtle ate the last portion.

3. In a terrarium at the beginning it is possible to do without living plants too: young turtles are carnivorous and only with age begin to add to the diet and vegetable food. Water in a terrarium needs frequent change so at production of an aquariumaterrarium to order ask the master to provide a drain otverstviye in the lower part.

4. The important point is that turtles quickly grow. Having taken in the house a little turtle of the size of a potato chips, you, perhaps, are surprised, having seen as quickly she grew up. The sizes of an adult individual are about 30 cm. Therefore, having decided on acquisition of a turtle, think in advance whether you will be able to provide her worthy conditions of keeping.

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