How to broaden the channel of the Internet

How to broaden the channel of the Internet

Sometimes happens enough for increase in throughput to optimize the Windows settings. It is also possible to reduce also value of throughput which is selected in a reserve with the operating system.


1. Open the Start menu, then click "Execute" - gredit.msc. Thus, you start the editor. Further select "A computer configuration", then click "Administrative templates". Find in point "Network" "The manager of packages of QoS".

2. Open in the right window of an object property under the name "Limit Backed Up Throughput". This policy is by default not set. In that case the system backs up 20 percent of throughput of connection.

3. Select item "Is included" in the Parameter tab. Set restriction of throughput 0%. Click "Apply", then "OK". At setup of the adapter in the mode of restriction of throughput for a certain network adapter the group policy is ignored.

4. Now carry out the analysis of the various reasons of reset of the channel. Select the traffic using different multimedia applications during the work in a system online. Usually this traffic has the most minimum value. Limit its use.

5. Connect with Internet service provider and pass to a new rate which provides use of the channel with a high throughput.

6. For increase in throughput do not use Internet accelerators like Speed Connect Internet Accelerator. Such programs, as a rule, extend through a virtual area network. They are paid or contain a virus and that the most important, in no way throughput is not changed.

7. Take organizational measures for effective use of the channel of access to a virtual area network. Define balance between a free part of the canal and loaded. Select quotas by means of the proxy server for use of the channel for different users. Provide reliable filtering of all contents from advertizing and viruses.

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