How to love the child really

How to love the child really

What will be a view of the person of life? In many respects it defines quantity of the parental love got in the childhood. Parents often do not reckon with desire of the child to be favourite in that degree in which the child is ready to accept this love. So, we learn to love children correctly.


1. We learn to remember the child. It means, to consider its interests when you plan any joint affairs. To limit the freedom if that is demanded from you by a role of the parent. To remember the child - means, to work to him for the good and in any way differently. The child always feels whether he is an important part of your life or it is only a mask. You will not spend him even if you will "pay off" with expensive gifts and to allow it to do that will want. Be sure, the child will skillfully use all this, but the respect for you from its party from it will not increase.

2. We learn to respect freedom of the child when time comes. And it will surely come. Sooner or later your kid will tell that he is already not little. For you it will sound the total absurdity, but remember yourself as you knocked a fist on a table, slammed the door, proving to the parents that you have the right to resolve some issues independently. Give the chance to the child to solve independently, provide him every chance. Including chance of a mistake.

3. We learn to support the child in his undertakings. Certainly, creative, useful to it. But to decide that it is interesting to it also on advantage, grant the right to it. Of course, it does not cancel your duty to save the child from dangerous adventures, different social traps, addictions. But do not dare to deride at all what is loved by your child, and what he trusts in.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team