Sea cabbage at pregnancy: advantage and harm

Sea cabbage at pregnancy: advantage and harm

Good nutrition of the pregnant woman by all means has to include vitamins and a broad set of biologically active agents – polysaccharides, proteins of plant and animal origin, mineral salts. Whether the sea cabbage (laminaria) is really useful during pregnancy and how many it is necessary for an organism – relevant information when planning a diet.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women is a sea cabbage

Sea cabbage – a natural polyvitaminic complex, saturated macro - and minerals.

The product contains phosphorus, sodium, iron, magnesium, iodine, calcium and also the K, A, V, S, PP vitamins necessary for the pregnant woman; at the same time it does not contain the substances causing allergic reaction.

Important! The laminaria is widely popularized in alternative types of medicine. But it is important to remember that the advantage of a product does not do it by medicine yet. If you have chronic diseases – preliminary consultation of the doctor is obligatory!

Than it is useful

The laminaria contains a large amount of iodine. It ensures functioning of a thyroid gland and participates in production of thyroxine which is important for development of all cages of an organism. This hormone:

  • it is used in oxidation-reduction processes at the intercellular level;
  • participates in synthesis of proteins, in processes of metabolism of vitamins;
  • influences a physical and mental condition of the person;
  • regulates activity of nervous system;
  • takes part in work of a cardiovascular system and a liver.

This seafood is useful to pregnant women and for other reasons:

  1. In medicine dry powder of a laminaria is applied to prevention of a craw and also as laxative at chronic locks and colitis. The alginic acid which is contained there strengthens an intestines vermicular movement. Its salts have property to absorb excess water that promotes decrease in puffiness, surplus of weight. It is important for the last months pregnancies as at this particular time intestines and digestive system of future mother are exposed to increased load.
  2. A large amount of iodine and folic acid reduce risk of sudden termination of pregnancy and participate in formation of various systems of an organism of the baby.
  3. On the last trimester of pregnancy the product will provide prevention of anemia and the normal state of nervous system of the woman.
  4. The potassium which is contained in cabbage belongs to the main intracellular ions which regulate water and acid balance of an organism.
  5. Magnesium is useful to power exchange, synthesis of proteins and acids and also support of calcic, potassium and sodium exchange.

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In addition, a sea cabbage — the low-calorie food (24 kcal on 100 g) which is perfectly acquired an organism. Enriching it with useful connections, it at the same time does not cause obesity.

Contraindications and harm

First of all, any surplus of a product is dangerous. The iodine volume which is contained in 100 g of a laminaria is 200% of day norm. Its surplus can cause strengthening of an emotional tone and increase nervous excitability. Therefore the sea cabbage is recommended to use where the diet is regularly poor in iodine, and in it there is no other seafood. The laminaria is contraindicated at:

  • hyperfunctions of a thyroid gland;
  • inflammation of kidneys and bladder;
  • allergies to iodine or seafood.

In the presence of chronic diseases of biliary tract or an urolithic disease it is necessary to use a sea cabbage with care.

Important! The brown laminaria has krovorazzhizhayushchy properties. It is contraindicated to people with bad blood clotting, hemophilia and diseases of a system of blood formation.

Modern producers do jars with cabbage transparent in order that as a product it was possible to be convinced visually. The turned yellow or turned black laminaria – signs of freezing or a surplus of preservatives. Upon purchase of a sea cabbage it is necessary to consider:

  • availability of preservatives with letter E in the name;
  • source of origin of a product.

If at structure there are E-preservatives, this product is harmful to an organism of the woman and her kid. As for an origin source, the product from the polluted Barents Sea is considered not really qualitative because of the salts of heavy metals which are contained in it.

How many it is possible

Normal daily quantity of a laminaria – no more than 100 g. For obtaining day norm of iron and iodine 2–3 spoons of a product a day there are enough. If the product is presented in granules, its maximum dose – 1 h a spoon in day.

Whether you know? Scientists of Kyoto University intensively study useful properties of an alga, including its possible antineoplastic qualities. Residents of the Land of the rising sun consider that the sea cabbage improves mental activity and promotes lucidity of mind.

Children up to 3 years should not use a sea cabbage at all. To this age the metabolism in an organism of the kid can be broken by excess quantity of minerals – for example, iodine or iron that will cause complications.

Directions of use

Shops sell a tinned laminaria in filling with spices. It can be used as addition to second courses or as a part of salads. It can be the Korean carrot, fresh cucumbers, boiled egg and onions salads. In large supermarkets it is possible to buy the frozen laminaria or dry powder from it:

  1. The frozen sea cabbage is applied at preparation of first courses and salads. For this purpose it is defrozen and washed out; in this look it is ready to further use.
  2. Powder of a laminaria is presoaked in warm water in the ratio 1:4 within one hour. A day dose – 1 h a spoon of powder of a sea cabbage. Powder can be added to various dishes together with spices.

In cosmetology powder can be used for preparation of cubes of ice for the person or masks which:

  • clean problem skin;
  • remove inflammation;
  • normalize fat content.

Whether you know? The advantage of a laminaria is known long ago therefore no wonder that the product enters an obligatory diet of all people living on the sea coast. The special decree issued by the Chinese government in the 13th century ordered its obligatory use for each resident of the empire; in particular, pregnant women had to use at least 1 leaf of a laminaria a day.

Application time – 0.5-1 hour. At mask joint pains from a laminaria with film wrappings take off pain and do joints by more mobile. At diseases of the upper airways, chronic bronchitis and a tonsillitis powder is applied to inhalations. They can also rinse a mouth at a tonsillitis, stomatitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis. Irrigation of a mouth reduces concentration of viruses at catarrhal diseases and promotes faster recovery. Careful planning of a diet at pregnancy is necessary for maintaining health both future mother, and her kid. Knowledge of advantages of a laminaria and the appropriate measures of precaution will help the woman in this hard time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team