How to amuse children

How to amuse children

Parents want their children to grow healthy, clever and cheerful. Mom and dad have to give more time to the child. He has to feel parental support and understanding. And to understand the child the adult happens not so simply. He begins to become reserved, without seeing caress and attention from the adults occupied with the problems. Therefore please more often and you amuse the children.


1. Arrange to the to children holidays, even without cause more often. Invite the child's friends on a visit, arrange the dramatized representation with disguise. You will see, you will provide good mood to all company of kids.

2. In a warm sunny weather leave on the nature more often, play badminton, a ball. Outdoor games together with adults not only will lighten the mood to children, but also will help to approach parents.

3. Or buy many multi-colored bright balls and go to walk with the child to the park. The attention of people around will be provided to you, and the kid will feel happy.

4. Deliver to the child several hours of unforgettable impressions – you reduce it in circus, buy ice cream or cotton candy. Air acrobats, animals and clowns did not leave indifferent any kid yet.

5. It is possible to go to the yard to play snowballs in the winter, to stick together together a snowman, to drive on the sledge. Active holiday lightens the mood not only to children, but also adults, loads with energy and a positive. The main thing is not to be overzealous, 20-30 min. are difficult to hold the interest of the child in one area longer.

6. In cold winter evenings arrange joint viewing cheerful kind animated films, read fascinating books. Or tell several cheerful and amusing cases from the childhood. It is possible to take colored pencils, paints, felt-tip pens and together to draw some funny nonexistent animals, at the same time thinking out it names.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team