How to tame quickly a parrot

How to tame quickly a parrot

Domestication of a parrot is very labor-consuming and troublesome occupation on which at you a lot of time will leave. But in case you correctly distribute trainings and will be engaged with the pet regularly, then to tame the pet at you it will turn out much quicker.


1. If the parrot for the first time appeared in your house (for example, you bought it quite recently or to you just it was presented), then it needs to give time to accustom on the new place. Several weeks later your pet will get used to a situation, will become constant to move and chirp. However at your approach he all the same will nervously run and jump aside from a forage.

2. It is time to be engaged in its domestication. First of all it is necessary to achieve that the bird was not afraid to be on your hand, all subsequent training will be much more fruitful if the parrot sits on your shoulder and listens carefully. Try to find out what food for your favourite is delicacy. For example, it can be any grass (dandelion or a wood louse) or nuts.

3. Try to feed a parrot from a hand, but not from a spoon. At the same time it is necessary to talk tenderly to him, to call by name. Slowly and carefully push a hand with delicacy in a cage. The bird hardly will approach at once food, for this purpose she should enter on your hand that she is afraid to make. At the beginning it is desirable to hold food between index and a thumb that the parrot at least entered on your fingers.

4. In twilight light the bird will become more trustful and will allow you to advance a hand a little. You can just keep a palm in a cage, sitting near it. Later time the hungry favourite will approach a forage, despite the fear. You do not force an event, be consecutive and do not forget to talk to a parrot at the same time tenderly.

5. Be careful to lose trust of a bird. Parrots very sensitive and vindictive, they for a long time will remember offense.

6. After once the bird sits down to you on a hand, try to take out accurately it from a cage. Bypass all room, and then with the same care return a parrot back. With each walk it is necessary to increase distance which you will pass with a parrot in a hand. Besides it is important to bring as often as possible a bird to your person. Later time the favourite himself will want to sit down on your head or a shoulder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team