How to accustom a puppy to go to a toilet to the street

How to accustom a puppy to go to a toilet to the street

Breeders of dogs often do not know how to accustom the shaggy pet correctly to go to a toilet. They get an animal and hope that all by itself will be arranged. But without the aid of the owner it will be difficult to puppy to cope with science of respect for purity in the house. Therefore it is necessary to take care of such moment and to think over stages of education of a canine friend.

1.     Well equip the place for its toilet

For this purpose use big disposable diapers which can be bought in any pharmacy. Also now the huge choice of aromatic diapers which can be found with ease in pet-shop is presented. But nevertheless diapers from usual pharmacy will cost to you ten times cheaper, and will serve far longer.

The diaper has to be such size that at a dog both the front, and hinder legs lay on it. Otherwise, all contents of a bladder will appear on a floor that will lead to corrosion of a covering of a floor and a caustic smell. If you wash after that the floor, then, of course, will cease to catch a smell in this place, but not your dog. He with pleasure will celebrate the affairs on the same place again and again.

2.     From the very first days accustom

It is healthy if the puppy has a favourite subject near which he quietly falls asleep. That is, it developed a habit to sleep only where this subject lies. It is possible to use it. It is enough to put favourite attribute on a puppyish rug, and the pet gradually will begin to get used, delivering less and less efforts.

If your new friend sleeps with you in a bed and does not want to fall asleep without you in any way, it is necessary to be accustomed because all success will depend on your reaction. As soon as noticed that the puppy began to worry, at once carry him on a diaper. It is difficult, but too is effective.

Regardless of which you will choose strategy, you always have to praise a dog for the fact that she settled on a rug. It is impossible to punish for mistakes, to rub the nose dog in a dung. Thus, you can enter an unnecessary stress and teach a dog there is the dung.

What to do if there was small trouble?

Just remove everything and check that did not remain to repeat a smell which can attract a puppy the same in the same place. And do not swear at all, and praise a dog better. It will become for her the best lesson.

3. We learn to go outside

In the beginning you have to tune yourself into frequent walks. The bladder at a puppy small and rather quickly is filled. Besides, the puppy cannot restrain as long as an adult dog. Therefore, it is necessary to walk him at most each 2 hours, and it is better - each hour. It is necessary to go to the street right after awakening of a puppy, after drink, food and a game. 

Even if you walked all day a puppy, do not hope that at night he will not want in a toilet. Surely leave it for such affairs his habitual diaper.

In what age does the puppy have to live all night long without toilet? There is no definite answer. Some dogs study it at the age of 5 years, and others at the age of 8 months. 

The main thing not to panic. Each dog will learn purity sooner or later. It is only enough to follow simple rules which accelerate process: to reward a dog for the fact that she made the affairs in the right place, not to be lazy to walk and if there was trouble - at once to remove and delete smells.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team