How to breed snails

How to breed snails

Cultivation of snails is not only a hobby, but also serious business. And investments will be minimum, and income can be about one million rubles in a year only from 100 individuals. Of course, before being engaged in it, it is necessary to learn all rules of cultivation of mollusks.

It is required to you

  • Snails, an aquarium, the earth, shaving, bowls, a lodge, a coco shell, the water spray, products containing calcium.


1. Buy snails. If you plan serious business, then their quantity has to be about one hundred. If you want to be engaged in cultivation without receiving profit (or with the minimum income), then will be enough and two copies.

2. Get aquariums or boxes with densely closed cover. At least 30 square centimeters of the place have to fall on one snail. If you are not able constantly to control snails, make in a wall or a cover several small openings for air flow. Or daily open an aquarium cover at several o'clock. If you bought adult snails, they can be supported in one aquarium if mollusks small, them it is better to settle on different aquariums. Snails can eat around an armor of other individual, often it occurs they small so far. Large individuals do harm each other less often.

3. Equip aquariums. In them surely there has to be an earth, it needs to be filled 2-3 centimetric layer in one of corners. Fill up other space with large shaving. Put the container with water. It has to be big on diameter and not really deep. Create several secluded places for snails. It can be special in an aquarium have to be without keen edges.

4. Start snails in an aquarium. Several times a day sprinkle all aquarium water. For this purpose ordinary sprays will approach. Two or three times a week bathe snails in cool water, water can be even flowing.

5. Food of snails has to consist of fruit, vegetables, herbs mostly. Never give to snails salt or salty food, it can kill them. In an aquarium there have to be products containing calcium. It can be chalk, armors of mollusks (they can be bought in pet-shops) or a shell of eggs.

6. Regularly remove an aquarium, add water, update the earth (surely check whether there are no insects in it) and shavings.

7. In a year each individual of a snail can bring up to 90000 eggs. Mortality will be about 30%. Eggs do not demand a special care, be just accurater when cleaning in an aquarium.

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