How to restore love

How to restore love

If you, having destroyed the relations with darling, understand what terrible mistake was made, you should not despond. Analyze the reasons of parting and try to return the loved one. Do everything possible for restoration of love.


1. If you after parting lack the person with whom you had close relations, it is necessary to return it. But do not try to do it the next day. Time is necessary in order that all unpleasant words told in the heat of a quarrel that the partner had an opportunity to understand that to it it is also bad without you were forgotten. By this time he most likely will manage to miss. But do not drag out this process too for a long time that by the time of reconciliation he did not manage to be fond of other girl.

2. Use time of involuntary separation for judgment of the reasons of parting not to make subsequently the same mistakes. Learn to draw conclusions from the incident.

3. Try to change during this time to surprise and interest the partner. Find for yourself new hobby. For example, it is possible to take oriental dances, and then, during the appointment, to please darling with beautiful dance. Give it the chance to look at you on the other hand. It is possible to start doing fitness and improve a figure also. After all, just change color to a hair or make a new hairstyle.

4. During the appointment it is impossible to begin a conversation with mutual claims at all. Talk about the future better. Start everything anew. You go as before, at cinema or to the park. Do for each other pleasant surprises. Give romantic parties.

5. Let know to the partner that you very much appreciate him and miss him. Do not hesitate to pay compliments, learn to praise the man.

6. You have to look tempting during these meetings that feelings flashed with a new force. You tell each other gentle words. Avoid the ordinary in sexual life, think out something new and interesting, intrigue the partner.

7. Do everything together: make a dinner, you go to shop, you go to the dacha or to the forest, etc. Make together plans for the future. For example, it is possible to plan a joint holiday and a trip to the sea.

8. You do not harbor malice against the partner, do not remember last offenses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team