How to look on final

How to look on final

Is final event which happens time in life. The school is allowed to pass to nobody twice, and here evening at institute can repeat if to get second higher education. Anyway, it is necessary to try to be beautiful and charming this day, almost all will come with cameras and will try to imprint these important points for future generations.


  1. For this day prepare in advance. Usually it to be divided into two parts: official includes issue of documents and congratulation by teachers and relatives, the second part — banquet concerning this event. It is necessary to choose dress that it was convenient during the whole day. It is more convenient to the man, he will be in suit, at tie, but in informal situation will take off jacket. Girls buy to themselves dresses to be irresistible.
  2. The dress on final has to sustain all day. Ball looks very effectively, but to go in it, it is inconvenient to dance and sit at table. It is better to pick up cocktail dress which will emphasize figure, will show all advantages and will accurately hide figure shortcomings. Length of dress is individual, someone will give preference pass, and someone will come in maxi length.
  3. The make-up on final helps to emphasize beauty of the person. It is not obligatory, but can make the girl more attractive. It is better to use waterproof cosmetics. There will be many congratulations, sometimes very touching, at someone tears will come into eyes, it is not necessary that all beauty has spread. Also there will be very gentle kisses which can spoil unstable make-up slightly. Surely take make-up bag that there was opportunity to refresh paints.
  4. The hairstyle will help to finish image. Every year the fashion for what it is better to make changes. Modern technologies allow to create very interesting compositions, but it is better to address the hairdresser. He will prompt optimal variant for your type of hair and also will quickly create the necessary composition. It is important that it well kept and was not disheveled during the day.
  5. Footwear is obligatory part of image which needs to pay attention. Never you come to final in new shoes. They will surely rub legs and the holiday will be not really joyful. Buy footwear in advance and you carry it. It has to be convenient. Of course, high heels look very effectively, but it is difficult to spend on them the whole day. It is better to pick up option in which it will be easy and free. It is possible to use also two pairs of shoes, one for official part, and the second for dances till the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team