As do temporary tattoos

As do temporary tattoos

The temporary tattoo is done most often by those who are not ready to usual tattoos yet. The similar drawing is much safer than usual tattoo as does not injure skin. The image can be made independently, and it is possible to address for this purpose in tattoo salon.

It is required to you

  • - henna;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - sugar.


  1. For creation of temporary tattoo multi-colored henna is most often used. It is possible to embody rather simple plot also own hands in house conditions. Most often temporary tattoos represent small drawings which can be placed absolutely in any place.
  2. temporary tattoo can apply on skin in various ways. As a rule, for these purposes the cliche is used or the drawing is translated to skin by means of parchment then all lines of the image connect to the henna help. In case the tattoo is done by the inexperienced artist, it is the best of all to use ready template.
  3. Henna (in tube) can be bought in shops of cosmetics or to make in house conditions. It is necessary to prepare cliche. The drawing by means of water-soluble felt-tip pen is applied on parchment then it is cut out. Further it is required to grease the site on which the tattoo, roll-on deodorant will be placed. Parchment needs to be put to skin, and then to press carefully. If everything is made correctly, the deodorant will dissolve the painting elements, and the cliche of future tattoo will remain on skin.
  4. The temporary tattoo is licked into shape by means of the cooled painting paste which is applied with the special syringe-kulkoy. It will be necessary to impose template on skin, then carefully to record it and to paint with paints the intervals which have remained free. It will be necessary to leave the painting paste on skin until it does not dry, it will take about 8 hours. Then paint needs to be scratched out by means of scarf, the turned-out drawing cannot be wetted within two days.
  5. The tattoo made henna on skin can longer hold on at the corresponding leaving. When paint dries, the tattoo needs to humidify with mix of sugar and lemon juice, the ratio has to make 1 to 2. It is also necessary to try to avoid the increased sweating (whenever possible) and long contact with water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team