How to endure frosts

How to endure frosts

Abnormal frosts became the usual phenomenon for the majority of regions of the Russian Federation. That it is the most comfortable to endure negative temperature, it is necessary to prepare the housing for cold season in advance, having taken care not only of warming, but also of heat sources alternative to heating which can be used in extreme situations.

It is required to you

  • - paroizoliruyushchy materials;
  • - heat-insulating materials;
  • - firewood;
  • - coal;
  • - multilayered clothes from natural fabrics.


1. Prepare housing for approach of frosts. If you live in the multi-storey building, warm windows, doors. Whenever possible fit walls in the apartment of Paro - and heat-insulating materials.

2. Additional measures for warming of the apartment will help to keep 30-40% of heat that will help to endure abnormal frosts with the maximum comfort.

3. The owner-occupied dwelling needs even more thorough training to approach of frosts, especially if heating oven and firm types of fuel are used.

4. Begin warming of owner-occupied dwelling with the basement. From the inside fit walls, the base and external part of floor paroizoliruyushchy and heat-insulating materials. The cheapest and available heaters are ISOVER and mineral wool. All works on warming can be carried out to short terms and without considerable material inputs.

5. It is the best of all to warm walls outside. High-quality external works allow not to resort to additional internal warming.

6. Prepare enough fuel. If you heat housing firewood and coal, prepare them during the summer period. Any breed of wood gives the maximum quantity of heat only if has enough dried. Summer preparation of firewood allows to dry even to the crudest firewood. It will help you quickly and without effort to kindle the furnace.

7. In the summer prepare not only firewood and coal, but also carry out works on cleaning of pipe and flues from the soot which has accumulated in last heating season. If not to make it, the furnace can begin to smoke in the most wrong time when air temperature is minimum. To carry out works on cleaning of flues to frosts very difficult.

8. If you warm housing with natural gas or electricity, install the potbelly stove. At extremely low temperatures there can be interruptions in supply of gas and electricity, and at temperature minus 45-50os even one day without heating can become fatal.

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