5 ways to receive straight hair

5 ways to receive straight hair

Straight hair is style element. For achievement of this effect the rectifier is usually used. However it is worth remembering that its frequent use and also overload of hair excess of cosmetics, can quickly become noticeable.

Equal locks are dream of almost each woman having curly hair. Hairdressing salons offer number of different types of professional procedures of regeneration which provide the long smoothing effect, but some of them can be executed independently in house conditions.

That the effect of smooth hair remained much longer, daily leaving has to be enriched by means of various types of the straightening cosmetics, for example, of balms, sprays and creams. Medicines of this type not only effectively smooth hair, but also facilitate sliding of the rectifier, provide soft fixing of hairstyle and protect it from harmful effects of high temperature.

House means:


It is necessary to use natural oils: coconut, almond and sesame - they are ideal. It is necessary to rub small amount of oil in moist hair — waves have to become straight.


When drying hair to use cool current of air from top to down — it is not recommended to blow from below. During the procedure it is also possible to use wide brush which is applied to regular combing — you should not style phenom dry hair. Using this method, cuticles are closed, creating effect of straight hair. 

Natural conditioners

It is also possible to use natural products. Apple cider vinegar is suitable for this purpose. The aroma leaves much to be desired, but — this product works wonders. It is necessary to mix two tablespoons of vinegar with glass of water. To rinse with mix the head after washing. To dry up towel.

Cosmetic kerosene

To rub several drops in hair and to wash up them in several hours.

Keratinaceous straightening 

Everything that needs to be made, it to acquire special set for keratinaceous straightening. The procedure with keratin, protein which is the natural construction block for hair, strengthens and smoothes them prevents emergence of the curling and static phenomena and protects from external factors. 

Keratinaceous straightening — the procedure recommended not only to people who want to enjoy long ideally straight hair, but also to owners of the injured hair.

What enters house keratinaceous set for hair straightening?

Basic set includes the cleaning shampoo, the smoothing lotion and moisturizing mask. Cosmetics does not contain sulfates, parabens, paraffin and harmful allergens. In addition to keratin they also contain the vitamins, collagen, antioxidants, extracts of plants valuable to locks which together effectively soften hair and at the same time do them healthy, brilliant and soft to the touch within several months after application of the procedure.

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