How to treat umbilical hernia at children

How to treat umbilical hernia at children

Umbilical hernia at newborns – the phenomenon frequent, and for calm of parents it is possible to tell that it most often disappears also in itself before the child is three years old. But, naturally, you should not trifle of it as it is after all defect of a belly wall.


1. If you noticed at the kid suspicious protrusion in a navel, first of all, do not hurry to run to any healers and "grandmas". Hernia it or not hernia, but anyway surely show the child to the doctor. He will appoint the correct treatment and will give the qualified advice which will help to save quickly yours the baby from this trouble.

2. The most effective method of fight against umbilical hernia and its prevention - a vykladyvaniye of the kid of minutes for 15 before feeding on a tummy, two times or three in day. Put the child on a plain firm surface and carry out to him light massage of a back and extremities (in principle, this just longitudinal stroking). Is more senior than the kid the thicket can put on a stomach.

3. Try to use services of the qualified massage therapist who can accelerate strengthening of muscles of a peritoneum by means of certain techniques. But you can "work" with small hernias also. Only very carefully! Massage can be done, since second week of life or a bit later (depends on a condition of the kid). Mass a tummy, moving palms clockwise; Lay a thumb To a navel of the child and massage it the vibrating movements; Cover a navel with a palm and, easily pressing, turn a palm clockwise; Easily pressing, put palms at the left and to the right of a navel and move at the same time left palm up, right down, and then on the contrary; Put fingers in a bunch and pass them, slightly pressing, around around a navel.

4. Your pediatrician or the surgeon can recommend imposing of a special plastyrny bandage though this method is used infrequently because of possible irritation of skin. Also you remember that such treatment is not conducted independently. The plaster is imposed for 10 days, then if necessary sticking up can be repeated.

5. Since four-months age, with the child carry out remedial gymnastics. But to pick up an optimum set of exercises, it is necessary to address the expert – the instructor of physiotherapy exercises.

6. For treatment choose such food for yourself and the kid that it had no increased formation of gases, gripes or the complicated chair.

7. Do not allow long and hoarse shout of the child that it did not strain a peritoneum.

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