How to understand a cat

How to understand a cat

The cat is charming, lovely, playful, but at the same time a freedom-loving animal. But it does not mean that she loves the owner less, than a dog. It is important to fall in love with the pet too. Cats are very susceptible, they feel the atmosphere in the house at once. Watching a pet, it is possible to study his habits. In spite of the fact that cats freedom-loving animals, they do not take out loneliness. Any with whom in the house there lived a cat for whom it was necessary to look after and care, knows what there are cordial relations between people and cats.


1. Do not perceive the rounded, wide pupils of your cat as infringement of your right to be the main thing. She is just strongly frightened, leave her alone better. And here narrow strips of pupils speak about secret aggression. Turn a cat in such state on a back, record paws to deprive of an opportunity to move, and you look in the face until she looks away. Thus, you will let know to the pet who in the house the owner.

2. If you want to play with a pet, then watch behavior of his tail. The weakened tip of a tail means joyful excitement, a game anticipation. Slow waves of a tail, speak about irritation.

3. If your cat constantly licks herself, it testifies to a constant stress. She can lick herself to not healing wounds. In such situation immediately see the veterinarian.

4. Extending paws forward, cats ask that you paid attention to them: caressed, fed. Do not ignore your pet at such moments, he will pay back you with attachment and tenderness.

5. Evening and night wakefulnesses absolutely normal phenomenon in behavior of your pet. Play with it before going to bed that it spent energy and did not disturb you at night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team