How to wash soil in an aquarium

How to wash soil in an aquarium

Aquarian soil is a place of a congestion of the remains of an uneaten forage and waste products of fishes. Without regular cleaning all this will become the reason of turbidity of water and emergence of an unpleasant smell. There are two main ways of purification of soil.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - big buckets;
  • - sieve;
  • - hose;
  • - siphon.


1. On the eve of the planned cleaning of an aquarium prepare water which you will fill in after the procedure. Fill with it a big bucket or a pan and leave for 10-12 hours. During this time the chlorine added on treatment plants will evaporate, and harmful impurity and metals will accumulate on a bottom.

2. In case of strong pollution of soil prepare for full cleaning of an aquarium. Catch all fishes and snails, take plants and decorative elements. Drain water from an aquarium by means of a hose in a bucket or a sink.

3. Pour flowing water in a bucket or a basin. Put in a sieve with openings 5-8 mm a small amount of the polluted soil and lower it in water so that liquid covered stones on 1-1.5 cm. Shake a sieve here and there, carefully mix soil a hand. Then pour out it in any net capacity and begin to wash out a new portion. Do not try to achieve ideal purity of stones since the parts of a humus which are on them are power supplies of the plants which are in an aquarium.

4. After all soil is purified, wipe an aquarium with a sponge from within, wash out the filter. Accurately fill up stones back. Fill an aquarium with otstoyanny water, return plants and jewelry. After the small suspension settles and water will become transparent, start snails and fishes.

5. In case of weak pollution of soil use a siphon. This device is the cylinder attached to a hose. The mechanism of action is based on the principle of communicating vessels. The siphon can be as industrial production, so made independently. This type of cleaning does not demand catching of fishes and release of an aquarium from water.

6. Fill a siphon tube with water from under the crane, close it from two parties fingers. Lower one end of a tube in an aquarium, another – in the bucket located below. When you take away fingers, liquid from an aquarium will begin to flow in capacity for discharge. You should not pour out water directly in a sink or a bathtub since the little small fish, a snail or a plant can get to a siphon.

7. Immersing the device in soil, you delete from it pollution. For cleaning of corners and hard-to-reach spots use a siphon with a narrow triangular tip. Experts do not advise to purify all soil at once since it breaks an aquarium microbiocenosis. They suggest "to blow" about 40% of stones for one procedure, every time paying attention to different sites.

8. After cleaning add missing amount of liquid from a bucket with the water prepared the day before.

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