What soil to choose for an aquarium

What soil to choose for an aquarium

It is impossible to treat aquarian soil as to a simple covering of a bottom. Its tasks are more various: he creates a natural natural landscape and also helps to form biological balance in an aquarium. It is desirable to treat its selection more attentively.

It is required to you

  • - aquarium;
  • - soil;
  • - plants;
  • - small fishes and shrimps.


1. Soil for an aquarium is divided into three groups. They can be natural, artificial and nutritious. Components of natural soil are the pebble, sand, other options of substrate which are found in the nature. Artificial soil which is not the best choice represents the processed color pieces of glass and pieces of plastic. Nutritious soil is a substrate which is specially prepared and saturated the substances improving growth of aquarian plants. Use it as a substrate, and from above lay a layer of natural soil.

2. Select soil for the size. It differs on fractions. Too small will badly pass water and also gases which are dissolved in it. In such soil the roots can rot or very badly develop, as a result the plant ceases to grow or perishes. Too large soil will pass inside different dirt and organic chemistry, and it leads to deterioration of water in an aquarium. Therefore by the size soil choose average. At the same time consider what population will be in an aquarium, and be guided by it at selection of fraction.

3. Decide on color of soil. Wet it and check how it looks – most often wet soil much more brightly dry. Colors can be absolutely different and as they do not bear functional loading, it is possible to pick up what is pleasant. As for color, soil at the bottom of an aquarium first of all has to answer esthetic preferences of owners. Consider that against the background of more dark soil of a shrimp and fish will look much brighter. When choosing represent what in an aquarium there will be a lighting and as it will affect color of soil.

4. The composition of soil influences characteristics of water in an aquarium. Especially it is reflected in its benthonic layer. Before making purchase, find out, soil because some versions can make it more rigid will influence how exactly water, than it is necessary for you, or to acidify. It is not bad and it is not good – select soil taking into account what water is used in an aquarium and as her fishes and other inhabitants of an aquarium transfer. Taking into account their preferences also make the choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team