Where there live penguins

Where there live penguins

The penguin - a unique bird who is not able to fly but excellently dives and swims. This feature defined an areola of dwelling of these birds and their way of life.

In cold...Cold Antarctic and the western coast of South America are considered today as natural habitats of zheltoukhy penguins (Latin of Spheniscidae), imperial penguins - the largest in family - live in New Zealand and in the south of Australia, they can also be met on Galopagossakh and even in Africa.

Adele's penguins — the most numerous of all penguins living in Antarctica. Adele remove posterity on islands, adjacent to Antarctica, when there comes the polar summer. In the winter they float between ice floes at huge distances from the nests.

In South America today the islands territorially close to Antarctica are most of all populated with penguins. Here zolotovolosy and Antarctic penguins live there are small birds which size reaches 60 centimeters. These floating birds seldom exceed in the weight of 5 kilograms, and therefore have amazing maneuverability and speed in water.

Constantly traveling, penguins occupy the islands surrounding Antarctica actually on all perimeter.

On the continent there live penguins too, however they lodge so that to be closest to cold waters of the Gumbolta Current. They can be met on the coast of Chile and Peru. Quite often these birds are called by the name of a current, some scientists even suggest to include in official classification of penguins of Gumbolt, motivating it with the fact that these penguins have external differences from imepratorsky or zheltoukhy: they have slightly spotty paunch and striped wings, the size is up to sixty centimeters and weight is no more than four kilograms. However, this look will hardly exist long in the changing climate, penguins in Peru and Chile no more than 20,000 individuals today.

Magellanic penguins occupied the territory of modern Argentina and the Falkland Islands. This look is included in the Red List. These birds generally on the Patagonian coast nest though they were seen also on Tierra Del Fuego, and even in Peru.

New Zealand is inhabited by five species of penguins: - crested (sanarskiya), - yellow-eyed, - small, - anti-hearth (magnificent, hoykho). The white-winged penguin is represented to the most interesting. He lives in Kenterbi, New Zealand. White-winged penguins are night inhabitants, unlike fellows in the afternoon they sleep ashore, and go to the sea at night. Such way of life forces them to lodge in caves which quite often they make. The least penguins live in the world in Australia. They are called — small. Their average growth - 33 centimeters. Perhaps, it is the most resistant penguins known to science. they can be in water till several weeks in a row. Protects special plumage which does not pass water through feathers from cold of a penguin. The penguins of South Africa called African or chernolapy live in the reserve, their house - the Cape of Good Hope. It is noticed that the voice of the African penguin is similar to shout of a donkey therefore sometimes they are called still asinine penguins.

... and in a heatIt is remarkable that penguins live even in Africa. So, big populations lodged on Galapagos Islands (Republic of Ecuador). During the day they almost constantly are in water, and at fall of temperature, by the night, come to the coast. The relief of Galapagos Islands is not equal, consists, as a rule, of turf and basalt lavas, penguins use features of a relief for a laying of eggs.

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