10 basic rules of safe suntan

10 basic rules of safe suntan

Many dream of beautiful, suntanned skin, especially now when the season of holidays has come. Influence of the sun is very useful: both blood circulation improves, and the immunity becomes stronger, the metabolism becomes active moreover and skin gets beautiful chocolate shade. But in flank of honey there is tar spoon. Only moderate and correct fire will be useful for organism.

 That the sun has not done much harm, it is necessary to follow the following rules.

1. Use sun-protection means

It is necessary to put them in advance, somewhere in 30 minutes prior to reception of solar bathtubs. On packing of sun-protection means pay attention to coefficient the SPF index of protection against the sun. Dark-haired and swarty people have enough SPF to 25 units, white and red more significant protection is necessary: SPF - from 30 and above.

If you have skin diseases, bad susceptibility to suntan, the allergy to the sun, is better to consult previously the dermatologist and 50 - 60 units it is desirable to get funds from SPF - in drugstore. And, of course, means has to be waterproof. At oily skin it is better to use such forms of protection as, milk, spray, lotion. Dry skin will suit fat cream or oil more.

2. Do not forget about skin means of protection

Even being in water or in shadow. It can be unsafe and lead to burns.

3. Do not sunbathe from 11 to 16 o'clock

At this particular time the sun is most active. It is possible to get severe burn.

4. Increase suntan time gradually

It is necessary to begin from 10-15 minutes, especially in the presence of light skin.

5. You wear hat and sunglasses

The eyelid skin badly protects eyes from the sun therefore do not neglect points. The hat will protect the head from sunstroke. 

6. Drink enough water

It is necessary in order that skin has not dried up, and received moisture from within.

7. Do not use decorative cosmetics

It is not recommended to use before acceptance of solar bathtubs, besides cosmetics, antiperspirants, deodorants or spirits. They can cause allergic reaction.

8. Do not use soap before suntan

It leads to degreasing of skin and practically to her vulnerability to sunshine.

9. Do not combine the beach and sunbed

Ultra-violet lamps of sunbed are much more powerful than sunshine therefore staying on the beach today, and tomorrow in sunbed, skin experiences strong strain and stress.

10. Do not sunbathe topless

Exceptions make girls till 22-24 without diseases of mammary glands and it is desirable not in the second phase of menstrual cycle. And here in sunbed  it is not recommended to sunbathe topless at all. So, to gain beautiful suntan without harm for the health it is quite real, following several simple above-mentioned rules. Besides the rest which is not spoiled by burns and other troubles will give energy charge for long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team