6 advice which will help not to sunbathe in the flying

In the flying, during remarkable time of holidays, many aim to have a rest at the sea. But there are also those who suffer from allergy to the sun or just want to keep the pallor. The best way to avoid change of skin color is as it is possible to be protected from the sun more carefully. Councils at which observance it is possible to avoid emergence of suntan are given in article.

To buy sunblock cream

To remember the main thing that the skin is lighter, the more there has to be sun-protection factor (SPF). It is better to find cream with the maximum protection against UF-A and UF-B of beams, that is SPF 50. If there is a wish to gain small suntan, then it is possible to buy cream with protection less. Anyway, cream is obligatory as there is big risk in the flying not only to sunbathe, but also to get dangerous diseases of skin.

Sunblock cream needs to be applied absolutely on all surface of skin. It should be taken into account that the cream intended for body cannot be put on face as it much more densely also can hammer time. It is recommended to use cream in 30-35 minutes prior to exit to the sun, otherwise it will not manage to be absorbed. It is desirable to update its time at 2-3 o'clock and always after bathing in water even if it is waterproof.

To avoid the hottest hours

Approximately from 10 to 16 o'clock there is the strongest influence of harmful ultraviolet rays. At stay on the street as much as possible time is better to remain in the shadow in the afternoon.

To use various srubs

For all summer it is heavy not to sunbathe on tone. To return initial skin color, it is necessary to skrabirovat it no more than two times a week. It is not obligatory to use expensive means, it is possible to take coffee of fine or average crushing. For bigger effect it is possible to add juice of lemon or parsley which will help to accelerate clarification and renewal of cells of skin.

To close sites of skin clothes

Clothes of light tones from natural fabrics – optimal variant. It is desirable that trousers were with long trouser-legs, and shirt – with long sleeves. It is necessary to get headdress: cap with long visor or hat. Points have to be obligatory with high degree of protection against ultraviolet rays. On the beach it is better to remain in the umbrella shadow. If constraint does not prevent, it is possible to find the special summer umbrella protecting from the hot sun.

There are products with the high content of lycopene

Lycopene levels the pigmented skin, protects it from influence of ultraviolet rays and solar burns. This pigment contains in tomato, watermelon, pomegranate, grapefruit and other red fruit and vegetables therefore there are these useful products in the flying will be more than ever by the way.

It is less time to carry out in water

Water not only reflects ultraviolet rays, but also strengthens them because of what shoulders and the person sunbathe much quicker. After exit to the coast it is necessary to be wiped surely by towel to remove the water drops increasing intensity of ultraviolet.

There is no guarantee that for all summer it is possible not to sunbathe at all. But if to implement all these simple recommendations, then risk to get burn or deep tan much more decreases. Therefore it is possible safely to go to have a rest to warm places!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team