Advantages liquid rhinestone for nails

Advantages liquid rhinestone for nails

Liquid rhinestones are convenient and effective option for manicure. With them it is simple to turn nails into true piece of art. They can be various color so options of color execution exists enough. It is possible to dream and experiment long with liquid rhinestones, creating every time new design for itself and the family.

Liquid rhinestones are gel mix which is required to be applied in the form of stones or rhinestone on nail. The convenience of such mix is that you can recreate on nail stone of any form, colors. But you besides liquid gel will need the UF-lamp and other tools for shellac creation.

At usual rhinestone texture heavy therefore gel technology of creation of stones simplifies to you task. At such gel there are a lot of pluses. It looks beautifully, colors of stones can be various, as well as their form. And it is very simple to master this equipment. Manicure with liquid rhinestones keeps very long. Stones do not fall off in the course of carrying as can happen to usual rhinestones.

Prepare all required tools for manicure. Marigold needs preparation too: remove cuticle, process rollers, walk accurately nail buffer on nail plates to level them and also to save from excess gloss. Then cause base, dry. Further it will be necessary to put background and already accurately to apply liquid rhinestones on dry-through gel polish. With it you will be helped by different brushes.

Try to put the chosen pattern and forms of stones with thick layer, after drying they have to gain effect 3D. Do not forget to paint then the turned-out stones and patterns in desirable color. It is possible to use sculptural varnish of nacreous color – the effect turns out remarkable! Many resort to such reception – houses and in salons.

Additional decorative elements are used at will – it can be beads, tapes, lace, foil. Most beautifully such manicure looks with service jacket.

So if manicure with firm stones is impossible to you, then try to master technology of drawing liquid rhinestone. There is a lot of advantages at such material! And what scope for your creativity opens with it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team