How to develop fine motor skills

How to develop fine motor skills

The speech motility and movements of an organism have essentially identical mechanisms for this reason development thin continents of hands strongly influences a speech development of the child in the future. What is gymnastics for fingers and how much it is so necessary?

By scientists it is revealed that the children suffering from a delay of speech development have bad coordination of fine motor skills of fingers of hands, a consequence, the dysgraphia, or violation of the letter in certain cases can be. For this reason it is necessary to develop fine motor skills from early age to prepare the base for a speech development.

One of the directions in development of fine motor skills is passive gymnastics, massage. Certainly, it is better if you spot technology of such massage at the massage therapist, but some receptions are simple and do not demand special preparation.

The massage executed by one hand (other hand supports an extremity), duration of 5 minutes will help to develop fine motor skills, it is necessary to do several times a day. During massage the following movements are used: stroking diversely, grinding, vibration, application of a firm ball (it makes movements from the center of a palm to finger-tips) and bending — extension of fingers. The active gymnastics is considered not less effective (age of 2 months). The active gymnastics implies various games aimed at the development of motility. The child is given in a hand objects, different in a form and the invoice. Purpose: the child has to hold objects in hands some time. And to these the adult has to comment on objects: "it is a ball smooth", "it is a hedgehog prickly", etc. For children 9 months entertaining will be more senior than a game with a matryoshka, a pyramid, oversleeping of sand from a flat dish in a flat dish, shifting of various objects from one capacity in another. 

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