What to do if the newborn has a lock

What to do if the newborn has a lock

At most of newborns the chair happens several times a day. However some kids within the first months of life have disorders of digestion which are shown in the form of vomiting, locks or intestinal gripes. This quite physiological phenomenon, is connected it with immaturity of digestive system of the child.

Frequency of a chair can vary and if the kid has it infrequent — it does not mean that it has a lock. Look at quality of a chair if it soft and the act of defecation is not followed by crying and concern of the child, then it is quite normal. And here if the chair firm, in the form of balls, the kid cries, and in the field of back pass cracks appear, so it is necessary to take measures.

If the child is on chest feeding, pay attention to structure of the food. Exclude products which can provoke a lock at the baby from the menu of mom. This milk, fat grades of meat, butter. Include more fresh fruit and vegetables, grain and bread of a rough grinding in the diet.

Locks quite often arise as adaptation of intestines to new food, for example — at transfer to artificial feeding or to introduction of mix as a feeding up. In this case begin to give to the child acidified milk formula once a day. Dehydration can be the cause of a lock, surely let's the child drink between feedings warm boiled water without addition of sugar. It is possible to use special pharmaceutical tea for elimination of a lock of newborns, however they should not be fond excessively. It is necessary to adjust a chair at the child in the natural ways, regulating food and the drinking mode. For strengthening of a vermicular movement of intestines do so that the child moved more. Do not swaddle him hardly, dress free toddlers. Do to him the exercises imitating driving the bicycle: lift and bend his legs in knee joints, move them in position of the kid lying on a back. Perform light massage of a stomach clockwise, use this method not right after feeding, and in a break between meal. If, despite all measures, at the kid problems with a chair remain, examine him at pediatricians. Perhaps, the lock in your case is a symptom of any disease, for example — congenital pathology of intestines or a problem with a thyroid gland.

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