How to develop coordination at the child

How to develop coordination at the child

Work on coordination of movements needs to be begun with early age, it is necessary for full physical development of the child. The main form of holding such classes is game activity.

It is required to you

  • - chalk piece;
  • - two chairs;
  • - basin with water;
  • - glasses;
  • - several big objects;
  • - it is a lot of small various objects;
  • - stool;
  • - bandages on eyes;
  • - four tablespoons.


1. Play with kids in "Skipjacks sparrows". Draw with chalk on a floor or asphalt a big circle, in its center there has to be a leader – "crow". Children - "sparrows" are behind line of a circle and on a signal jump to "crow", jump, trying not to be fallen into clutches to the enemy and at the same time not to go out at the same time of the nacherchenny line. When "crow" "vorobyshka" catches it becomes on its place. This game helps to develop coordination of the child.

2. Arrange two chairs at distance about hundred meters from each other. On one chair put a basin with water, on another – an empty basin. The main objective of participants of a game is: to transfer in any plastic forms (for example, glasses) water from full capacity to empty. Winners is that team of children which will spill less water at transfer.

3. Suggest the child to twist the right hand to yourself, at the same time the right leg twisting from themselves. Give one more task: to clap itself on the head the left hand, at the same time to stroke-oar the stomach right in various directions: from left to right and from right to left.

4. Choose several big for each player (such which hardly can be held on one hand) and many small objects. They have to lie a separate small group for each player. Game task: to transfer all objects for once, without having dropped, on distance of 7-10 meters blindfold. The one who will successfully cope with a task wins.

5. Play with children the game "Spoon on a Leg". Turn a stool upside down, to each her leg put the player's back blindfold. In hands each child has to have a wooden spoon. On the leader's signal children have to take three steps forward, turn around and try to put rather a spoon on a leg. Wins first coped with a task.

6. Give to children a task to rotate a hand from right to left, and a leg at the same time in the opposite direction. Then ask them to perform the same operations by both hands and legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team