Against old age and wrinkles: peptides in the rejuvenating cosmetics

Against old age and wrinkles: peptides in the rejuvenating cosmetics

Peptides are the organic compounds representing chain of residues of amino acids. Certain sequence of such remains characterizes specific type of peptides and their action in human body. For example, so-called peptide hormones and neuropeptids, participate in process of cell regeneration, "immune" peptides protect organism from toxins. Number of peptide complexes is used in cosmetology for creation of anti-aging formulas.

The quality of collagen spoils with age – as any physical body, he suffers from external influences: ultraviolet, free radicals, failures in organism and also natural wear of "construction material". As a result the framework of connecting fabric which is constructed of collagen loses elasticity and elasticity.

Skin cells – fibroplasta – synthesize the certain types of collagen consisting of special amino acids and cementing them the squirrel, in fact "guaranteeing" quality collagen. If its synthesis is broken, it is impossible to enter protein from the outside – its molecules are too big. But it is possible to enter by means of substances-enkhanserov (conductors) short fragments of proteins – peptides. Various combinations of the amino-acid remains start the certain mechanisms, in particular, connected with cell regeneration in skin.

So, tetrapeptide dekorilin returns uniformity of structure of collagen and stimulates its development. Collagenic synthesis is increased by Matriksil - palmitoit pentapeptide. The sequence of amino acids in it signals organism that the squirrel develops epidermis insufficiently. Argirelin (acetyl-hexapeptide) and the SYN®-AKE complex (synthetic analog of snake poison) act as miorelaksant – they block transfer of nervous impulse to facial muscles which as a result remain weakened and are not reduced. Thus it is possible to correct mimic wrinkles.

Good means against aging has to contain sufficient percent of peptides – at least 5-6% for basic daily avoiding and 10% and above – for intensive updating. When choosing cream with peptides it is necessary to choose means in which peptides are as it is possible closer by the beginning of the list of ingredients – as a rule, right after emulsifiers (which should not be much). If peptides are before preservatives, it is better not to take useless product - active agents in it there will be literally percent shares.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team